The style of sports activities anime is rising in recognition. Collection like Haikyu!! and Prince of Tennis have made followers cheer with as a lot enthusiasm as sports activities followers in the true world. With an in depth line of latest anime popping out within the style, it is shocking the next video games have little-to-no display screen time. This lack of illustration is a disgrace as a result of these sports activities would make for some incredible content material. Listed below are 5 that deserve new collection – and what their hypothetical anime appear to be.

Ice Hockey


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From board games to quiz bowl, there are anime and manga out there about the most unusual of sports. Here’s six of the best to check out.

The sports anime genre is hugely popular for many reasons: the teams are lovable, the competitions are packed with adrenaline and learning about the sport can be engaging and even encourage viewers to try it out. Though basketball, volleyball and baseball all have their time in the spotlight, here are some manga and anime about lesser-known sports that might pique your interest.

Hikaru no Go (Board Game)

Fujiwara no Sai with Hikaru Shindo.

Hikaru no Go is based

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