On a current beautiful late summer time day, 9-year previous Ryleigh Robinson scampered like a spider up a 30-foot tall rock face on Ely’s Peak in western Duluth. Dave Pagel with the Duluth Climbers Coalition shouted encouragement from under. 

“Ryleigh, you’ll discover a good foothold on your different foot proper up in that nook,” Pagel calls up, as he belays her from the bottom, utilizing a rope to maintain her from falling. 

Ryleigh arrives at a troublesome half within the climb, and pauses. “I wish to come down,” she calls.

“Are you positive?” Pagel asks.

Apprehension spreads throughout Ryleigh Robinson’s

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You would be hard pressed to find someone in Australia with the passion for basketball that matches David Andersen.

In a career that has spanned well over 20 years, Andersen has been getting buckets in league’s right across the world for as long as anyone.

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Like many pros, Andersen found the love for the game at a young age while toiling away in the backyard.

I was as young as five years old,” Andersen recalled. “I have an older brother, Stewart and I used to play with him. Way back then, playing ball

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