Irish would be included in a CFB ‘Super League’

The Notre Dame Football program is one of the best in America, and they would be included if a Super League formed in College Football.

This week, a group of twelve prestigious European soccer clubs announced the formation of the Super League, and the group will participate in an annual competition similar to that of the UEFA Champions League. This news was met by near-unanimous opposition amongst fans. Most fans see this as a decision driven by greed that will be detrimental to the sport as a whole.

When this monumental news broke earlier this week, many here in the United States tried to draw parallels to American sports leagues and teams. It may sound like a stretch, but I think college football and European soccer have some similarities.

Both sports have a large number of teams playing in different leagues and conferences. There are also different tiers of competition in each sport as well as a disparity between the “big” programs and the “small” programs.

Naturally, a few college football journalists and fans asked the question, “Which teams would be invited to join a College Football Super League?” Virtually every proposal included Notre Dame in the group.

Notre Dame football included in CFP Super League

Andy Staples from the Athletic published an article detailing a hypothetical college football super league and the effects it would have on the sport.

Staples’ 15-team super league included Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, Texas, and USC.

In this scenario, Notre Dame would be able to preserve existing rivalries with both USC and Michigan. The Irish would also get an opportunity to measure themselves against elite teams like Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State.

The prestigious history of the Notre Dame football program would be enough to earn them a hypothetical invite to this hypothetical league. In addition to that, I think Notre Dame’s independence also works in their favor. They would not have to deal with any complications that would arise with trying to break away from a conference.

Notre Dame’s independence also makes their football program unique and in some ways allows them to appeal to a broader fanbase. Something that would also appeal to the proverbial decision-makers of this fugazi super league.

With all that said, the likelihood of something like this happening in college football anytime remotely soon remains minuscule. All Irish fans can take solace knowing that if it ever did happen, their team would undoubtedly have a seat at the table.