‘I actually thought that I would be more busy with…’

Roger Federer will be back on the tennis courts. The award-winning athlete will once again take up his trusty racket and prepare for the challenges that await him. The desire to return to play is great and his goals for 2021 are great.

In fact, the Swiss champion has never made a secret of wanting to take part in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and the Wimbledon Tournament. Very early. The number 5 of the ATP world ranking gave an interview to the Swiss radio station SFR.

In the various statements he has also announced his return to Doha, in an event certainly less demanding than a Grand Slam but certainly very valid. The Swiss tennis player said: “I want to be able to concentrate only on my tennis without feeling the weight of a tournament as important as the Australian Open”

In fact, 2020 was not a happy year for Federer because in addition to the forced stop due to the Coronavirus emergency, the champion also underwent two knee operations. The fact that Federer will not take part in one of the biggest tournaments in the world of tennis is news in itself, certainly the champion will leave his mark in Doha too.

Just today, on February 4 twenty years ago, Federer was winning his first ATP tournament. The first of a very long series that would have consecrated him as one of the best in the world in the sport of tennis.

Roger Federer on his injury break

In a recent interview, Roger Federer talked about his habit of detaching from the sport when he is with family or is recovering from an injury.

He tried to do the same in 2020 but failed. “I actually thought that I would not follow the sport very much and would be more busy with my children and my rehab”. As Federer was comfortable at home, he found himself checking the scores and learning how his peers were performing in the tournaments held in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown.

“I was surprised that I kept checking results and following matches. And normally I don’t do that at all if I don’t take part in a tournament. I want to be able to go skiing with the children and with Mirka.

Or go hiking, play basketball or start ice hockey – I still have so many dreams. For that, I need a good body and I don’t want to hit it against the wall”. The Australian Open 2021 has run into jeopardy after a COVID-19 positive case has halted all tennis proceedings at the Melbourne Park site.

Now organizers face the test of time to end all the pre-events to the Australian Open before the Grand Slam begins on February 8.