Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Return With A Tennis Ball Ghost

I’m very much here for the John McEnroe Ghost.

I’m very much here for the John McEnroe Ghost.
Image: Bungie

After debuting last year, Destiny 2’s limited-time Guardian Games event is returning on April 20, alongside a super neat tennis ball Ghost.

In the Destiny universe, the Guardian Games are meant to celebrate a ceasefire between the Vanguard and antagonist Cabal Empress Caiatl, allowing guardians to blow off some steam when they aren’t blowing off heads. For players, this amounts to a competition between the game’s Titan, Warlock, and Hunter classes to see which group can complete more head-to-head challenges.

The rewards this time around include the Exotic Heir Apparent machinegun, an Exotic Sparrow vehicle, Legendary class items, two emblems, and two shaders. The Eververse Trading Company shop will also be updated with a Guardian Games-based universal ornament set, a weapon ornament for the Heir Apparent, Exotic emotes, and more.

I’m not much of a Destiny player myself but I’m partial to the Ghost shell that turns the floating robot into a headbanded tennis ball. Something about that hard, metallic exterior getting a fuzzy makeover really tickles me.

Closing ceremonies are planned for May 7-9. A special trophy will commemorate the winning class in the Tower until next year.