College football’s top 25 helmets

(Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Over the last few years, LSU has bounced between yellow, purple, and white helmets, although the picture you see above has been their mainstay. After their national championship in 2019, the Tigers took a step backward last year, finishing just 5-5. After LSU’s spring game on Saturday, head coach Ed Orgeron addressed the media. 

“At the beginning of spring, we asked our guys to give us 15 great days and they did,” Orgeron said. “So did our coaching staff. Our coaching staff has gelled, has done a great job of creating a positive energy and culture. We’ve had some tremendous practices, have put in a lot of offense and defense. 

“Obviously, we were limited today in what we’re going to do. We didn’t run all our offense obviously, all of our defense and none of our special teams. I thought that we gave the quarterbacks a very fair shot today. Each one of them had a shot with the 1s and it was a struggle for offense today. 

“It was a good job on defense. I think if you look at our secondary, probably the most improved area on our football team. Daronte Jones and Corey Raymond have done a tremendous job. Those guys are playing solid football. Today, we played one, maybe two coverages. They didn’t blitz. Thought the front played well. The linebackers attack went well.

“The offense, they showed a better production than they showed today. I’m just going to give it to our defense today. We didn’t run a lot of our stuff, but overall, great spring.”