Chad Conine: Baylor fans, keep your ears open for what people aren’t saying | Baylor

However, other such denials haven’t popped up.

Michigan coach Kim Barnes Arico’s name has been suggested by various sources, including me, and that idea hasn’t been nixed. The same goes for Marquette’s Megan Duffy, UCLA’s Cori Close and Arizona’s Adia Barnes.

There’s still the possibility that Baylor could hire from within, promoting some combination of interim head coach Bill Brock and assistant coach/recruiting coordinator Sytia Messer. But don’t expect any social media chatter to promote or dismiss that option, since it would all be done within the Baylor bubble.

It’s my opinion that Gusters’ departure makes a Messer/Brock hire appear less likely.

That said, I don’t have an inside scoop at the moment. I’m watching the horizon just like everyone else, trying to figure out if the clouds mean rain or they’re just clouds. (By the way, I don’t mean clouds in the ominous sense. My granddad was a farmer and rancher in West Texas, so I know rain is always a good thing.)

One name that will be very interesting to follow is Grand Canyon coach Molly Miller. She has compiled a 198-24 record in six seasons at Division II Drury University (her alma mater) and one year at Grand Canyon. Miller is going to be a Power-5 coach in the near future. Is this the time for Baylor to take a chance on her?