Irish would be included in a CFB ‘Super League’

The Notre Dame Football program is one of the best in America, and they would be included if a Super League formed in College Football.

This week, a group of twelve prestigious European soccer clubs announced the formation of the Super League, and the group will participate in an annual competition similar to that of the UEFA Champions League. This news was met by near-unanimous opposition amongst fans. Most fans see this as a decision driven by greed that will be detrimental to the sport as a whole.

When this monumental news broke earlier this week, many here in the

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Opinion | The European Super League: Ruining Football, American-Style

The fans, of course, come last in all this. Much of European soccer’s recent financial success, especially in England, has been based on mammoth TV and commercial deals. Match-day revenue from loyal supporters is no longer most teams’ main source of income. That’s prompting many teams and leagues to look at exploiting European soccer’s huge global appeal, especially commercial and TV rights deals in new markets like China, India and the United States.

But there’s a reason the Super League scheme is coming right now: the coronavirus pandemic. Europe’s leading clubs are thought to have lost more than a billion

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What could a college football Super League look like?

As the globe comes to terms with the inevitably of a Super League upending the structure of European soccer, it’s not hard to imagine a series of events that leads to a similar shift in an American sport similarly steeped in more than a century’s worth of tradition. With its best teams spread mostly among five regional conferences — all fighting for independent television contracts — college football lends itself to the idea of a Super League in the same way.

The concept is easy to understand: If all the best teams play in the same league, that league would

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College football’s top 25 helmets

(Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Over the last few years, LSU has bounced between yellow, purple, and white helmets, although the picture you see above has been their mainstay. After their national championship in 2019, the Tigers took a step backward last year, finishing just 5-5. After LSU’s spring game on Saturday, head coach Ed Orgeron addressed the media. 

“At the beginning of spring, we asked our guys to give us 15 great days and they did,” Orgeron said. “So did our coaching staff. Our coaching staff has gelled, has done a great job of creating a positive energy and culture.

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‘I love football as much or more than anyone’

Trevor Lawrence wants to set the record straight: He’s all-in on football. It’s just not going to define him.

The presumptive No. 1 pick of the 2021 NFL Draft drew criticism this week for some of his comments in a Sports Illustrated cover story. In the feature, Lawrence admits he doesn’t “have this huge chip on my shoulder, that everyone’s out to get me and I’m trying to prove everybody wrong.”

The quarterback is also quoted as saying, “It’s not like I need this for my life to be O.K.”

Those statements prompted questions from several pundits about the

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Ranking the 10 best freshmen over the past 5 seasons

LSU has the No. 3-ranked recruiting class for 2021.

The Tigers have 23 newcomers looking to have an impact right away next Fall.

They’re hoping top recruits such as Maason Smith, Sage Ryan, Chris Hilton, Garrett Dellinger and Landon Jackson can make a difference as true freshmen just as other recent recruits made an impact in their first season on campus.

Here are LSU’s 10 best freshmen over the past 5 seasons:

10. WR Ja’Marr Chase (2018)

Chase is likely to be the first wide receiver selected in the NFL Draft at the end of the month. He won the

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